Rolls and Parantha Co


Rolls and Parantha Co

The answer to your mid-day snacking and late-night cravings is here!

Choose from the range of delectably layered parathas and rolls to enjoy in the comfort of your home. The menu boasts of a medley of flavoursome parathas, stuffed creatively with vegetable or meat and rolls, that are made to focus on using the not so obvious forms of parathas such as Malabar Parotta and the layered whole-wheat paratha.

The filling and the dough is prepared freshly every day and the menu also enlists a range of healthy must-haves prepared with whole wheat flour.

The soft, tender, well-marinated and perfectly grilled meat makes the non-vegetarian choices even more delicious and bound to win over one’s taste buds and heart alike. The menu is a scrumptious spread to choose from with the Chef’s selection of distinct and exciting new fillings in paratha such as Kadhai Paneer & Corn-Pie-Pizza Paratha, Chicken Keema-Pie-Pizza Paratha and Butter Chicken Tikka Paratha.

The desi-breakfast specials are listed under, Tea Time Specialities. Take a trip down the memory lane with childhood favourite desserts, ranging from Kesar Phirni to Chocolate Fudge Cake.

For a wholesome meal order veg or non-veg combo!

Rolls and Parantha Co
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