Punjab Grill


Punjab Grill

The Lion Head is a representation of the Royal State of Punjab. In Ancient India, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was bestowed with the title of Sher-e-Punjab which meant – The Lion of Punjab for his bravery and courage. It was during his era that the State and its people gained great prominence and became known for their bravery in the battle field.

Punjab Grill is an endeavour by Lite Bite Foods to take our guests on a culinary journey into the grandeur of the Royal State of undivided Punjab.

Diners experience an exploration of wonderful diversity of the Frontier Food and the rich streams of Hindu, Sikh, Pathan and Punjabi cuisine.

Also, the tradition has flown downstream through the immigrants of West Punjab, who have lovingly cherished and preserved it.

Punjab Grill promises an exquisite dining experience to all its patrons with an array of culinary delights that is aromatic and flavourful. Authentic preparations and sumptuous spread of succulent fare from barbecue and curries to a selection of dessert is an evocative representation of rich culinary tradition. The style of cooking requires incredible aptitude with respect to the gourmet specialists, since the meat is not accompanied by any sauce, but rather is just pre-marinated and cooked before serving.

We're now open to extend our outdoor catering services to give you the most memorable experience . Now, celebrate any occasion with delicious food, with the best culinary team in town.

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Punjab Grill

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