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Lite Bite Foods (LBF) ,

is one of India’s largest and most dynamic food and beverage retail companies with 22 owned and 9 managed brands under its umbrella. It started its journey in the year 2002 with an innovative combination of traditional as well as new-age F&B concepts. Today, it has a scale of over passionate 3500 employees.

It has created a strong connect with food lovers in various cities like Delhi NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Bhubaneshwar, Singapore, Washington DC, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Sri Lanka, and Bangkok. Around 200 operational F&B touch-points having a strong presence in prominent Malls, Airports, High Streets, Multiplexes, Office complexes, Hotels and other high footfall locations including Highways in India and Overseas. Our critically acclaimed award-winning brands include Punjab Grill, Zambar, Asia 7, and The Artful Baker.

Drawing unparalleled expertise in the Indian F&B industry, Lite Bite Foods imprints a strong commitment in the travel retail segment. We specialize in offering exciting meal options to travel through a variety of formats including sit down restaurants, bistros, and On-the-Go Kiosk models. We have our airport presence at Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Kannur.

Further, the brand division, ‘Institutional Catering’ caters to a range of corporate & social events including conventions, institutions, weddings & private parties.

Vision & Mission

To be the brand leader in our category.

To be the customer's first choice.

To engender customer loyalty.

To offer great food at the best value.

To provide outstanding customer service.

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Amit Burman
Amit Burman


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Rohit Aggarwal


Lite Bite Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Culinary Strength

Sustainability Efforts

Sustainable Growth continues to be the mantra for Lite Bite Foods

Lite Bite Foods, is known in the industry for its innovative concepts and providing quality F&B experience, however what truly sets the brand apart is its sustainability initiative that covers all areas of operations and is reinforced through the participation of its patrons. Lite Bite Foods has created a sustainable ecosystem that goes beyond its own outlets, and encourages positive behavioural changes within the day to day routine of its guests as well. Health and sustainability have always been amongst the core brand pillars. Thus, respect for the health and wellness of all guests and care for the environment is integral to all its operations and policies.

With its thought-provoking sustainability initiative #SwitchToSustain, the food conglomerate has cemented its position as a thought leader within the F&B space. There is an urgent need for businesses to understand that growth and sustainability must go hand-in-hand and at Lite Bite Foods, sustainable practices have been integrated within the core operation and business strategy model itself.

Lite Bite Foods strives to reduce the impact of plastic by not only doing away with plastic straws and bottles but by also educating people about the startling impact of plastic with the hope to inculcate sustainable habits. All outlets offer paper straws or the simpler option of drinking from the glass or bottle itself. Besides, all plastic bottles have been replaced by glass ones for all the in-house beverages. These bottles are reusable at home and as a further incentive, guests also get a cashback of INR 5 for every bottle returned. Lite Bite Foods has also replaced all plastic in its sandwich boxes with paper, and redesigned the cling wrap windows with an attractive sandwich artwork. Similarly all take-away items are freshly packed and kept warm in the signature Pick n Fly Paper boxes which look attractive, are easy to carry and most importantly environment friendly.

Taking the initiative of creating sustainable habits further, the brand has also launched extremely attractive cloth bags that have replaced all plastic bags previously used for take-away purposes. These reusable cloth bags are available for a nominal cost, and serve as a sustainable and more attractive replacement for plastic bags.

Use of local and organic produce is important to create a holistic sustainability model. While Lite Bite Foods has been using organic produce since 2002, the #SwitchToSustain initiative has further strengthened the brand’s resolve to support fresh, seasonal and organic produce, procured locally, to offer the healthiest food options to its patrons.

To create a sustainability initiative that can truly sustain itself, the support of patrons is equally important as well as the need to create an ecosystem that reinforces the initiative. At Mumbai T2 Airport, Lite Bite Foods serves a variety of freshly ground coffee-Lavazza, Blue Tokai, The Flying Squirrel, Halli Berri and Illy. The residual from the freshly ground coffee powder is known to be an excellent fertilizer, especially for house plants. Hence, the brand now packs the coffee residue in small pouches, and offers them at the Baker Street outlets at the airport. Guests are encouraged to pick these fertilizer packets for in-house plants and participate in the green revolution! A waste land in Udyog Vihar, has been converted into a lush green patch as part of this initiative and is an example of what the brand aspires to achieve in the long run.

In its quest to eliminate waste of any kind, Lite Bite Foods is also associated with various NGOs to ensure all fresh food from the various outlets that is not consumed within the stipulated time, is used to eliminate hunger instead of creating more landfills.

Initiatives are designed for internal customers too, “Say No To Plastic” is the immediate Mantra at Lite Bite Foods. The organization hosts skits, drama (Nukkad Natak) to make its employees well-aware of the issues, actions and solutions for the environment. The training team conducts monthly Employee House Raids to check the percentage level of plastic use in their daily lives. The corporate, restaurant staff and even the immediate families of employees are educated about the environmental menaces through interactive team-building and development sessions.

These are just a few of the effective initiatives undertaken by Lite Bite Foods to promote Green Living through the core principles of reduce reuse and recycle.

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