Begum Noor Jahan Biryani


Begum Noor Jahan Biryani

Begum Noor Jahan Biryani is a tribute to Begum Noor Jahan, the wife of Emperor Jehangir who is considered as the inventor of Biryani. She was the most influential and powerful woman in the court of the Mughal Empire.

The life journey of Begum Noor Jahan, who is said to have lived across the lands of Afghanistan, Hind and Pakistan is the sole inspiration behind the curation of our exquisite menu. Our work of art is influenced by the Afghani, Tajiki, Kandahari, Awadi, Mughlai and Hyderabadi cuisines. With a menu ranging from Biryanis to kebabs, curries to bread and desserts; we promise you royal authenticity.

The ingredients sourced for the preparation of these authentic and royal Biryanis are of the highest quality, with the long-grained and fragrant Basmati rice sourced from Punjab, saffron from the beautiful valleys of Kashmir and the ghee simmered and churned from Gir cow's milk.

With a menu that traverses across the flavour palates of Central and South Asia, we at Begum Noor Jahan Biryani promise you an unforgettable experience of India’s favourite: Biryani! 

Prepared with love, to rule the hearts and taste buds of many, Begum Noor Jahan Biryani is the taste of royalty, heritage, authenticity and unforgettable flavour!

Begum Noor Jahan Biryani
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