The India of today is very different than the India of yesterday. The biggest & the most amazing thing about the country is its Unity in Diversity.

Tappa is our endeavour to showcase that diversity, which combines cultures, history & ingredients to bring forth a refreshing take on a culinary expedition unlike any. It takes you to royal kitchens, meanders through the various gullies, visiting the nizams, learning from the khansamas, borrowing from Nani Ma’s recipes and finally embracing & accepting all.

We present food that is Indian at heart, but with a global outlook. It embodies each all of us “Today”, our embracing of all things new, different, unusual and yet staying rooted to our culture. Tappa is the bounce that epitomizes this Global Indian phenomenon. It is a great place to dine at any point in time and as the clock strikes 9 p.m. you can groove, or party to the DJ or catch a live Band.

Cheers to reliving and creating your #Tappamoments



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